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90 Days to GOD seasons annually span in 90 Day increments held: (Jan1-April 1), (April 1-July 1st), (July 1st-Oct 1st) and (Oct 1st-Jan1st) and then we start again the next year. We offer Weekly Seminars on various growth topics such as Day 11: "Steward of GOD," Day 18: "Trials of Faith, Day 46: "Peace with Enemies," and Day 75: "Fulfilling Your Purpose" Weekly "Prophetic Activation Intercessory Prayer" is a once a week prayer training which consists of each of us being strengthened in our ability to recognize the voice of GOD, become more sensitive to recognizing what GOD is asking us to either speak or not speak and learning to pray according to scripture. Prophetic activation is a learning environment which sparks your gift in prophecy through activity! Prophetic Activation is held on a separate day of the week in accordance to seminar and may vary depending upon season! #Miracles #Signs #Wonders 

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90 Days to GOD Seminar structure is based upon a 1 to 2hr+ seminar (depending on Spiritual Coach/instructor's lesson as it includes the spiritual move of GOD) Seminars will be administered in multiple settings i.e. church, school classroom, college, conference meeting rooms, halls, in home or designated place of transformation. At the successful completion of a season, you/individuals will be able to more effectively 1. Listen to GOD’s word 2. Believe the Word of GOD 3. Live the Word of GOD 4. Be An example to others to do the same; thus making disciples of all and Advancing GOD’s Kingdom! 


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